Mission: Wakefield High School maintains a high standard of learning for all students that effectively prepares all students for graduation and for becoming productive citizens.
Vision: The Wakefield High School learning community supports students in developing 21st Century skills that allow them to contribute responsibly in an ever-changing environment.


Attendance Procedures
Attendance is taken very seriously at Wakefield High School. The staff and administration believe that there is a high correlation between attendance and achievement and that regular attendance is crucial to all students’ success. Wakefield High School will maintain accurate attendance information and will share this information with parents and students. It is extremely important for parents and students to closely monitor and document any school absences.

According to WCPSS Board Policy 6000.8, cumulative absences (excused or unexcused) above ten in a class are considered excessive and the student will receive a “FF” rather than the passing grade. Students who have more than 10 absences during a semester and receive an “FF” may appeal the failure to an “attendance committee” comprised of administrators and teachers. The decision of the committee is final, and appeals will not be accepted by the principal.

Attendance validation will be offered to students who have been absent for 10 days.  Students must meet with their counselor and sign an attendance contract before they can seek validation.  Validation will only be offered during Saturday detention from 9AM – 12PM.  Students may reduce one absence from two class periods when they attend all three hours of the detention (3 hours of validation equals 3 hours of class time made-up).  Students must notify the supervisors of Saturday Detention that they are there for attendance validation.  They cannot get credit for validation and Saturday detention at the same time.  All rules of Saturday Detention must be followed in order for the student to receive credit.  

Students will not be counted absent from school when participating in school-sponsored events or activities. To be counted present, students must be in school at least one half of the school day (2 blocks).
Notes for Excused Absences
Following an absence from school, students must present a note from a parent/guardian to the Attendance Office BEFORE 7:20 am to avoid an unexcused tardy. To receive an “excused absence,” the note must include:
Student’s Name—First and Last (Printed)—No nicknames
Date(s) absent
Reason for absence(s) – see list that follows
Parent/Guardian signature
Home and work phone numbers of parents

Students must present a note to the Attendance Office on the day they return to school following an absence. Students who do not bring a note within 2 days will have the absence(s) permanently classified as UNEXCUSED.

Students MUST receive an Admit slip (excused or unexcused) from the Attendance Office to be admitted to class. Students who do not present an Admit Slip will not be admitted to class.

Excused Absences
Based on School Board policy 6000.3, only the following reasons constitute an excused absence:
1. Illness or injury which makes the student physically unable to attend school.
2. Isolation ordered by the State Board of Health, or the Wake County Health Department.
3. Death in the immediate family.
4. Medical, dental or other appointment with a health care provider approved IN ADVANCE.
5. Court when a student is under subpoena.
6. Religious observance as suggested by the religion of the student or the student’s parents.
7. Educational opportunities: Educational Leave Form must be approved by an administrator three days prior to leaving. College Visits: Juniors and Seniors may take school days to visit colleges. Juniors are provided one day per semester; Seniors, 2 days per semester. When taking these days students do not need to submit an educational leave form. For the absence to be excused the student must submit verification that they were on the university/college campus within two days of the visit. Acceptable verification can be, but is not limited to, a letter from the college or university on their letterhead and/or email from the college or university subsequent to the visit thanking the student for their visit. Brochures or parking passes from the college are NOT accepted. All other absences will be considered unexcused. Examples: skipping class, car trouble, oversleeping, missing the bus, business trip with parents, etc. All students participating in interscholastic activities must be present in school for the ENTIRE DAY in order to participate in activities, performances, or practices, except where specifically exempted by a physician.

Wakefield High School has a computer that will call home between 5:00-9:30 p.m. to inform parents that their child has been marked absent. The computer will call home for EVERY absence—even for excused absences. Our intent is to keep parents informed. Please do not be concerned if you receive a call about an excused absence. Attendance letters will be sent home following the 3rd, 6th, and 10th absences from school during a semester period.
Senior Exemptions
Seniors are exempt from exams if the following conditions are met:
• “A” average with three or fewer excused absences for the course

• “B” average with two or fewer excused absences for the course • “C” average with one or fewer excused absences for the course

• Has not been suspended from school over the course of the semester

A senior cannot be exempt from an exam in a class if they have lower than a “C” average. All absences count in exemption absence total except for school-sponsored field trips or activities and pre-approved college days (see sample form in handbook). Seniors with any unexcused absences will not be exempt from exams. No senior can be exempted from a State End-of-Course test or VOCATS test. Teachers are responsible for determining eligible seniors in each class based on the above criteria.
Late Arrival/Check-in
Any student arriving after the 7:25 a.m. bell should report directly to the Attendance Office to receive an Admit Slip. The Admit Slip should be shown to every teacher whose class was missed. Students who report to class on time but have to be sent to the attendance office for an admit slip because of a previous absence, will be marked as having an unexcused tardy to class. Unexcused tardies will be handled through the discipline system. Habitually late students will receive disciplinary consequences and may lose their parking privileges and/or their off-campus lunch passes.
Early Departure/Check-out
Any student who needs to leave school before 2:17 p.m. must present a note from a parent/guardian to the Attendance Office. The note must include:
Student’s Name—First and Last (Printed)—No nicknames
Date(s) absent
Time to leave
Reason for leaving
Parent/Guardian signature Home and work phone numbers of parents to verify the note

The note must be dropped off by 7:20 a.m. Students should return to the Attendance Office at the appropriate time to check out. Students will receive an Admit Slip for use upon return. The Admit Slip should be shown to every teacher whose class was missed.

If student is leaving for a medical or dentist appointment, the student must bring verification of visit on doctor’s letterhead to the attendance office upon their return to school.

If a student needs to check out early and does not have a note, a parent or guardian must give the Attendance Office verbal permission to check out. Students should only come to the attendance office to check out if they have a note from their current teacher or are in lunch. If a parent cannot be reached by phone, student will not be allowed to check out. STUDENTS WHO GO OFF CAMPUS FOR LUNCH, MUST RETURN TO SCHOOL TO CHECK OUT. YOUR PARENT MAY NOT CALL THE SCHOOL TO NOTIFY US YOU ARE SICK IN LIEU OF YOUR RETURNING TO SCHOOL. FAILURE TO CHECK IN OR OUT THROUGH THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE WILL RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY CONSEQUENCES.


The students of Wakefield High School are committed to being honest and responsible in the completion of academic materials and interactions with the school administration and community. Cheating, stealing, plagiarism (passing off another's work, words, or ideas as one's own), and lying (including willful distortion or misrepresentation) are considered violations of the Honor Code. Through a joint fulfillment of this code, students and faculty will achieve their fullest potential in academic excellence and character.


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